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Thinking of Getting a Cat?


When you have gained the trust of a cat, they make affectionate, faithful, and loving pets. Cats are clean and low-maintenance, don’t bark, and never need to be walked. Because they’re much smaller, cats cost less than most dogs to care for, and they take up less space on the bed/sofa!

"What greater gift than the love of a cat?"

- Charles Dickens

Having any companion animal is good for mental health, and petting a cat has been shown to reduce blood pressure and release relaxation hormones. They will also keep pests away from your home!

Many people are concerned about the impact of cats on wildlife, but there is no need for your cat to roam free. Provided they are given adequate stimulation, cats can live content lives indoors or with secure outdoor enclosures. Remember, one more cat kept responsibly is one less cat in the wild.

Now, let's go find you a cat!

Meet 'n' Greet

Found your purrfect match?  Come say hello! Our cats and kittens are safe, warm and loved in foster care while they wait for their furever homes. 


Contact us to arrange a Meet 'n' Greet through your selected cat's foster carer.

Adoption Fees

Kittens (up to 6 months): $180

Kit-teens (6 months to 1 year): $120

Adults (over 1 year): $50

Special rates for bonded pairs ♥


Has a kitten captured your heart, but they're not quite ready to leave foster care yet?


Contact us to organise a pre-adoption! 


A hold fee of $50 applies.

Vet Work Done

All of our cats and kittens leave our care desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and with any necessary veterinary treatment undertaken.

Kittens and cats currently available