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Save cats AND the planet!

'Cans for Cats'
with Backyard Cash

'Cans for Cats' with SACR & Backyard Cash


SA Cat Rescue has partnered with Backyard Cash to so you can now save cats AND the planet without even leaving home or work. 

No more messy bottles and cans laying around or loading up the car to go to the recycling depot - they come to you!

Backyard Cash provides either a FREE 200L drum or a 240L wheelie bin (with a $40 hire fee), collects your full bin or drum promptly, and pays 7c for each refundable item collected which you can choose to have donated to SA Cat Rescue automatically.

Cans for cats.png

Too easy!  How do we do this?

 - sign up with Backyard Cash

- choose "SA Cat Rescue Inc" to donate your refunds to

- load up your drum or bin with your refundable recyclable containers

- request a pick up through the handy app once your bin is full

- and repeat!

How does this help SACR?

SA Cat Rescue Incorporated is an entirely volunteer run, not for profit organisation. We receive no government funding for our life saving work, rescuing unwanted cats and keeping them safe, warm and loved until they can find their forever home. All funds raised go towards helping the cats and kittens in our care. 

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